dj foundation - GOD IS DEAD (Free) In Memory Of Charlie Hebdo Journalists

by metal postcard records



“Ever eating, never cloying,
All-devouring, all-destroying
Never finding full repast,
Till I eat the world at last.”
― Jonathan Swift

Metal Postcard Released This Single By dj Foundation back in 2006

Every year this release makes more sense.

This past month Jihadists have attacked the 3 cornerstones of Metal Postcard's life.. cafes , education & most important of all satire

So we are giving away this single for free.. please share with as many people as you possibly can. dj Foundation originates from Mosul now ISIS control and we no longer know his whereabouts . Support him , support satire, support freedom of speech.

+ We've Got The Bonus Never Before Released Dirty Marines Version For You As A Free Download Too...

The recent outrage over a Danish cartoon’s lampooning of the Prophet Mohammed emphasised Islam’s status as the most sensitive subject of our age. So it’s tough, then, to remain indifferent to ‘God Is Dead’, a single which splices excerpts of the Koran with hardcore porn dialogue, all over a resplendent glam rock beat.

From Mosul, Iraq – via the Brooklyn, NY home of the Metal Postcard label – this is as ballsy and provocative a single as one could imagine, exceedingly rich in both humour and fearless critique. The DJ Foundation nails its colours to the mast only too clearly, yet the lack of any direct comment only serves to draw the listener in closer to ponder the finer points for themselves. For instance, was porn dialogue chosen simply to cause maximum offence, or is this a more specific comment on gender roles? The listener is only met halfway, and must therefore become actively engaged in the issue.
It’s a remarkable single, then – one which perhaps has to be heard to be believed, and which ultimately bolsters popular music’s status as an art form.

SINGLE OF THE WEEK- DJ Foundation/ Sunny & Shia Presents (Have They Not Heard) God Is Dead b/w I Shot You Babe 7" 

Aha... more brilliance ahoy! DJ FOUNDATION/ SUNNY & SHIA Presents (Have They Not Heard) God Is Dead b/w I Shot You Babe. This is genius... Actually it's probably not genius at all. But it pushed all the right buttons for me. The cover features legendary celeb paedos Jonathon King and Gary Glitter (come on ITV.... when's the show starting?) with all manner of other wrong imagery. The music is a Gary Glitter stompfest with some filthy sex samples. I've always liked dirty records and this is about as filthy as you can get.


released January 8, 2015

dj Foundation 2010
Metal Postcard



all rights reserved


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