Pairs - Brief Lesbian

by Pairs

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Penultimate album from Shanghai based Pairs . Conceived with fellow Shanghai based artist Reykjavictim

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I found this album on Bandcamp via , its was nice to let someone else do the leg work this week and man did they do some leg work to find a band like this one. I can’t say that I really listened to the album much before I bought it, I was really sold on the names of the bands, I mean how doesn’t love a band with track names like “I used to find a girl who is engaged to a Creationist attractive until I found out she is engaged to a Creationist”, I mean damn someone thought about it.

Brief Lesbian by Pairs is one hell of a ride, I can’t say I’ve heard another band like them and the closest thing I can think of is that during the beat movement in the 1950′s used to make music with no training or point, they just wanted to make music, some people called them geniuses and some call them awful. This is different I can hear that they have had training, the music has been made with a deliberate choice but I’m not sure of the point of it all. I could hear parts of music over the years, Pink Floyd, The Sunny Boys, The Rapture and Aphex Twin are just a few I could think of while listening.

I listened to Brief Lesbian while going for a run at lunch, I wasn’t really ready for the direction that the music took, it hit me like a ton of brick falling from the sky. The music, well once I hit the pace of my run the music faded into the background but for the moments, often when the screaming repeating the a lyric “never let go, never let go” as I’m pumping my legs up the hill climb and “your either growing or you dead” on the way back down the album struck me as being right for those singular moments. The album as has parts that just want to make me turn it off but I keep listening and I get a payoff with something so brilliant that it just blew my away. By the time that I had finished my run I was feeling conflicted about the album. I have pushed through and I have done the 5 listens that I give all albums before I passed final judgement.

Bloodshot is pretty amazing, the imagery used is both vulgar and powerful, never under estimate the power of vulgar imagery to draw a person into the a song, the instrumental section towards the end is a moment of pure inspiration and I often find myself being taken off to another world, losing myself within the music. Most of the tracks have a payoff for putting up with except for the last two that I didn’t mind too much but they wore out their welcome and I found that after 5 minutes of listening to “Stickers on their chest” with headphones on I start develop a headache and I could feel it grating against my ears.

Brief Lesbian by Pairs is a hard listen and if you are after something that you can put on and just let pay in the background and let lull you into a beautiful place this really isn’t for you because Brief Lesbian will jolt you out at that moment and spin you around till you feel like you are going to puke. I can’t say that I really enjoyed the album but I will be listening to it again and I’m not sure if this album is meant to be enjoyed but something that you experience.

If you want to listen to something that is quite different from a lot of what is going around and is never quite sure of what it’s meant to be then go to, its a pay what you want download so drop a dollar and get an experience.


released April 8, 2014




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