Pulco - Solid Geometry EP

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When composing the EP I decided early on that I wanted to base the  
Songs around Ian McEwan's  
Book of short stories 'First love last rites' cause there are some  
Pretty intense themes in there and I really love the book.  
The music was inspired by 'Warm leatherette'  
By The Normal but is also a nod towards the pinoneers of experimental electronic music like Cabaret  
Voltaire & John Fox etc 
If there is one thing that is predictable about Pulco (aka Ash Cooke), it is that he is 100% unpredictable. 
In only June of last year, the former Derrero man released the wonderfully poppy and upbeat Rodeo EP (see here) to much critical acclaim, now he turns his attention to a slightly more experimental and off-the wall sound with the Solid Geometry EP. 
Said to have been influence by the book First Love Last Rites by Ian McEwan, the sound blends Daniel Miller’s The Normal (Warm Leatherette) with spots of early Cabaret Voltaire and sees Cooke with his often characteristic spoken meanderings over original soundtracks. Epitomising the D.I.Y. artist his sound is crisp and honest. 
EP opener, Disguises has a repetitive soundtrack as Cooke adopts a Welsh Mark E Smith stance and recites his unbelievably incisive words over a pounding drumbeat obviously influenced by early electronica circa 1978. Sitting round the fire and mentioning corduroy suits and leather slippers there’s an ominous feel that only Cooke could create. 
The short Butterflies in spite of the potential beauty that the track indicates, hides a sinister tale of stalking and the eventual death (murder?) of a red dressed femme fatale. Ending suddenly, it demands a replay to revisit the narrative and fully appreciate the words within. 
With Homemade, the harsh sound is toned down and a more affectionate sound hides another dark story – “clapping hands and acting fools, perverts on a stage” – it almost becomes nursery rhyme-like as the line repeats to the end, but in reality far from it. 
The title track closes the EP with its heart set in the sounds of the early work of John Foxx. A driving beat gels a synth buzz and electro whirl as the perfect backdrop to Ash’s creativeness. With no real chorus or hook line, it somehow sounds addictive as a sax solo can be heard in the background whilst the track closes. 
The Solid Geometry EP once more confirms the unquestionable talent bursting from Pulco’s seams and rubber stamps the approval given to him by many fellow artists. With a strictly limited edition vinyl pressing available from Qrates here, the EP is also available via his Bandcamp page in digital format. 
Paul Scott-Bates – Lounder Than War – April 2016 
Fancy some dystopian trip hop, well there’s a ridiculously limited 7-inch EP heading out of Welsh imprint Recordiau Prin that might well be up the street of those among you impishly tuning your frequencies and realities into 1981 and finding yourselves somewhat crouched on a cold waving axis located somewhere between Mute’s the Normal and Alrealon Musique’s Black Saturn. However, the surprise here might be when we tell you that this is by Pulco, of whom some of you might recall us gushing aplenty sometime last year when our listening space was greeted by, what you might rightly call, a best of set entitled ‘dip in the ocean’ – a gathering of lost EP’s and tracks that revealed a creative artistry purred in the kind of sensitivity and craft that offered an extended hand to the likes of June Panic, Lux Harmonium and AB Leonard. In sharp contrast, the previewing cut ‘disguises’ from his latest offering, an EP entitled ‘Solid Geometry’, is a shadowy slab of edgy paranoiac b-movie eeriness framed in the macabre merriment of sinister fairground scares and the detached isolationism of, an as were, score for a Cronenberg interpretation of a forgotten William S Burroughs script crookedly grooved by a Mk 1 version of the Human League, something we suggest that ought to be an essential record collection acquirement for those subscribing in all things Polytechnic 
The Sunday Experience – July 2016 


released August 26, 2016

 All songs written and performed by Ash Cooke 
2016 Metal Postcard



all rights reserved


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