RST & Lenz​-​Heavy With Illusion

by metal postcard records

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Giuliano JOnes
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Giuliano JOnes An album which haunts, gently. Let each song slowly devastate you into a kind of trance. These songs need time to sink into your bones Favorite track: 微颤 (Little Shaking).
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F. I've been waiting eons for this to drop, and I'm pleased to report that it is even more tectonically epic than hoped for. Play this as loud as you would Earth and let the spaces between the notes completely destroy you... Favorite track: 爱情 (Love).
Verna 02:36
Lotus 02:09
Magnolia 05:29
Fade In Out 11:09


Anticipated pairing of the part thunderous - part silken throated angel-banshee from the mountains of Dali and the stargazing occupant of the outer rim guitarsound universe 'Heavy With Illusion' is the long distance collaboration between Lenz (Shanghai) and RST (Auckland), a record forged over years in the warm planes high above two cities, a musical meeting of minds wrought against the tyranny of distance, now brought forth in a presentation of ghost song, dronesound and signature rumble, hush and wail.


Insect Factory/RST Split Insect Fields 7" (Dusted)
RST is Andrew Moon, who has recorded long players for Ecstatic Peace, Corpus Hermeticum, Last Visible Dog, and Utech. In another musical life, he drummed for Goblin Mix, who added a bit of necessary heaviness to the mid-80s Flying Nun line-up. “Burnout’s” title likely refers to what you’ll do to your eyeballs if you squint at the sun in the ozone-free southern skies all day, and that’s exactly what this stuff sounds like; a long, slow, austere hum swathed in overtones. It’s so lovely that if it was the sun, you wouldn’t even want to blink. As it stands, the side ends way too soon, dealing you no permanent harm but plenty of frustration. (
(Bill Meyer)

RST Axes (Last Visible Dog) copyright Aquarius Records
All of Axes is gorgeous, even at it's heaviest, the sounds are still imbued with some mysterious beauty, some otherworldly magic...

RST Other Machines (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon) 3cd-r copyright Aquarius Records
The welcome return of New Zealand minimal drone guitar wrangler Andrew Moon, the man who is RST. We recently managed to get a handful of his amazing Corpus Hermeticum release Warm Planes (sorry, all gone now) direct from the man himself, after years of being out of print, and it reminded us how much we loved and missed his dark abstract guitarscapes.
We could listen to this stuff nonstop (and some of us do!). You like SUNNO))), Fear Falls Burning, Phill Niblock, Vulture Club, you definitely need to hear RST. Epic, intense, super minimal, strangely melodic, and so totally gorgeous....

RST R136a (Ecstatic Peace) copyright Aquarius Records
Sitting in a poorly ventilated barn behind his house outside of Auckland, New Zealand during one particularly hot winter, Andrew Moon struggled with his guitar to produce these humid noise drones layered with peculiar chord based structures. One of the best albums to come out of 'free noise' school of New Zealand in years!

Insect Factory/RST Split Insect Fields 7" Byron Coley, The Wire
RST is the long-running guitar solo project of New Zealand’s Andrew Moon. On this evidence, Insect Factory take a Heldon-ish approach to extended tones and loopy sonic overlays, creating a stillness that employs drones without being ‘droney’. Approaching from a slightly spacier angle, RST’s results are full of the same beautiful stillness and light.

RST Warm Planes (Corpus Hermeticum) Bruce Russell
Second full length offering from this talented Kiwi sound sculptor. Guaranteed to pin your head to the floor with calm, carefully abraded and composed blocks of unrelenting noise.


released October 27, 2014

2014 Metal Postcard
RST (Andrew Moon)


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