Salary - Mini Moke

by metal postcard records




I remember driving
so fast
in your mini moke
up the west coast
so fast
with the radio on
it was playing
so loud
Electric Blue
the Sun was falling
daddy hold my hand
now I’m driving
so fast
after 25 years
down the west coast
so fast
and I’m so nervous
cos I aint seen you
or heard you
since Electric Blue
but god I missed you
daddy hold my hand
then I saw you
and you said
at least we’ve got the same beard
we sat down
and had some coffee
and we went over the years
it was so strange
kinda like
like talking to myself
we could’ve been friends
daddy hold my hand
a few weeks later
you moved
you moved up to Derby
I sent you an email
with some pictures
of my sister and her kids
I asked for a postcard
Gail messaged
she said you had a stroke
and I’d felt that coming
daddy hold my hand
a few days later
Gail’s daughter
she called she said ya had died
I went home
and I cried
then I called my Mum I called my Sister
I said I’m sorry
and I cried
then I told them what had happened
and it’s so sad
daddy hold my hand
and then we found out
you fought
you fought in Vietnam
and it fucked your head up
so bad
Mum said that explains a lot
the estrangement
and the drinking
and all the things I don’t know about
and I’m so mad
daddy hold my hand
Zoom across the Universe


Answered by: Sean Gorman

Single title? Mini Moke

What's the song about? Estrangement, death, forgiveness

How long did it take to write/record?: 25 years to write. Five minutes and 44 seconds to record. On day to mix. One day to master.

Is this track from a forthcoming release/existing release? From an album of songs we recorded tracked live as a band back in January that we will be releasing later this year. 


Just after 11pm all nine members of Salary arrived on stage and proceeded to kick off their set with You Don't Know My Style that showcased Sean Gorman's airy vocals blended in amongst lush instrumentation and the bright horns that punctuate the song. As the hour grew late, Gorman began Mini Moke on a soft acoustic guitar before the drummer and bassist kicked in with a thumping, foot-stomping rhythm that got people moving. The song had a very Arcade Fire/Sigur Ros feel in its epic sounds, complete with gliding strings, and all the musicians delivering a great performance of the song that garnered them a final cheer from the crowd.



released August 20, 2016

Metal Postcard 2016
Salary 2016

Released June 9, 2016
Written: Sean Gorman

Sound Engineering: Michael Blackburn

Mixed & Mastered: Naomune Anzai

Performed by:
Melanie Hall // Accordion + Vocals
Jeff Strong // Acoustic Guitar + Vocals
Cameron J Hanush // Bass Guitar
Louis Inglis // Drums
Sean Gorman // Electric Guitar + Vocals
Jason Snook // Mandolin
Alan Holbrook // Saxophone
Harvey Rae // Synthesiser
Rachel Hocking // Violin + Vocals

Graphic Design:
Alix Jahn



all rights reserved


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