The Jeepers - Light Up

by metal postcard records



New Single From Calcutta based band The Jeepers
(Previously, Jeepers Creepers)

This is the first single from their forthcoming album

“Within Conversations”

They say :

"The tumultuous period that the politics of our country and the world has gone through recently, has left us indorsing a social and political reckoning in our album that celebrates the power and will of every individual to rise above oneself and break-in the stoic. We invite everyone into our sphere of a certain seminal cognitive retreat away from all the subservient awakening.  

It had taken us 2 years for us to write and choose the right songs for the album while enduring lost jobs, surgeries and loss of personal family members and friends. The period during which this album has been written has been an emotional maelstrom but has also taught us to persevere to create something beautiful that is honest to the bone."

Metal Postcard simply says, "Lovely song that has a Welleresque feel to it. Can't say why, it just sounds that way to our ears"


released March 11, 2017

Jeepers 2017
Monarch Banerjee
Ananda Mitra
Sayan Sengupta

Metal Postcard 2017



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Track Name: Light Up
Light Up My Sky

The mind was so fragile 
When you were young 

The art of survival 
Fed you little fledgling

You aren't home for Christmas

But you can count
On the world that's so vicious 
It plays itself all the same

Go girl play your hopping game

Pick yourself up

When you fall down

Sigh and write your name

Carve it on the table

Remember you

You light up the sky 

Silently I count 

All these stories written 
On the stone so old 

Bitten the dust once more 
I’ve been through the rut

Still save my fall

Scarring for some revelations 

Saving this flesh for the preparations 

For a brand new world I dream of 

To make the line askew take a better shape in you.

You try find forgiveness

His name
The thought of redemption

Strays from the urchin

You can't help but 
Live out your consequence